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Ready to be an even more outstanding teacher?

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Loud and Clear

This is a great starting place to help leave meaningful feedback. The book is written in a way that it feels like you’re speaking with a friend. It’s quick, easy read with examples of different ways to word feedback for various situations. Definitely worth it!

~Teacher Lena

Loud and Clear

This book gave some very clear and a new perspective of giving advice. I was amazed at how much extra I added where it was not needed. Thank you.

~Teacher Aishah

Loud and Clear: Expanded Edition

My feedback has tripled since I started finding my voice with the help of Ed’s book. And it’s helped me as a teacher overall.

~Teacher Holly

Loud and Clear

Ed’s book is a money maker. This book opened my mind to understanding the true needs of students in China. Intriguing! I immediately began implementing Ed’s techniques and the following frenzy, I saw my bookings go from an average of 6 classes per day to 10 per day! WOW! Thank you, Ed.

~Teacher Joanna

Above and Beyond

Well Ed, you did it again. You taught me more in the first 5 minutes of reading your book that I had learned in the past 6 months of teaching and really researching and trying to educate myself about ESL as it relates to Chinese speakers. Also, as I read the introductory paragraphs something strange was happening….I was crying. I’m not a “crier”. But, you were able to take the efforts, feelings, human emotions, and education and roll it into one beautiful paragraph. Kudos!

~Teacher Mandy

Above and Beyond

This book was wonderful! All of Ed Nace’s books are SOOO extremely helpful. Totally worth the investment. I have a different perspective now when I teach and I feel more confident in what I’m doing when I’m teaching. Thank you, Ed! I tell everyone about your books!

~Teacher Anna

Loud and Clear: Expanded Edition

I’m still reading this book, but I’m already starting to apply some of the principles to my feedback. I love how rich the feedback suggestions are in this book. It’s actually helping my teaching as well, especially with regulars, on new ways to extend and ways to review important concepts. Thank you, Ed, for putting this together. It’s been incredibly helpful so far!

~Teacher Stephanie

Above and Beyond

These books are remarkable! They have helped me so much with my feedback. I have learned about things I never even thought about in my feedback. Parents are loving it and it helps me explain things to parents better. Thank you for these great books! Well worth purchasing! I highly recommend them!

~Teacher Debbye