How to get your Kindle ebook onto your Kindle

This book is a "Kindle book" in the sense that it is formatted to work with your Kindle e-reader or Kindle app. However, it IS NOT delivered through the Amazon/Kindle system! You will need to manually load the ebook onto your device.

How to save your file (and not lose it)

  1. You will probably want to use a computer for this - phones and tablets don't always know how to handle file downloads.
  2. Download the ebook file to a computer first. Make sure it's saved somewhere, not just "opened!" (Or, on your phone or tablet, when you download, DO NOT tap "Open in Kindle." Instead, save it to a Files app, Dropbox app, Drive app, etc).
  3. Then transfer from there to your Kindle (reader) or Kindle app (phone & tablet).

How to send the saved file to your Kindle

1. Find your “Send to Kindle email address.”

  • Each device has its own email address so that you can send “Personal Documents” like this book into that device.
  • Go to [ > Your Account > Your Content and Devices > Preferences > Personal Document Settings] for a list of your devices and their addresses.
  • Scroll down a little further and you’ll see a list of your approved “from” email addresses - the ones allowed to send stuff to your Kindle. Make sure you’re set up there.

2. Email the “” file to the Kindle.

  • Attach the file to a new blank email. No subject. No body text.
  • Address to your Kindle’s email.
  • Send.
  • Sync the kindle and it should load the book!