Terms and Conditions

Product downloads

Upon completed purchase you will receive an email containing a download link to your product. You are responsible to follow the instructions in the email to safely save the document on your own drive in a timely manner. The link is temporary. It will expire after five download attempts. Although it is your responsibility to save the file on time, if you have any trouble at all, contact us for amazing customer support!

Product transfers

My resources and products are digital, hence they are never transferrable to any other person. The only legitimate and legal way to obtain them is through Ed Nace or this website. Download links, files, and login information are for the purchaser’s use only. As with any digital product, they may not be sold or given “used” to any other person under any circumstances.

Follow-up emails

By purchasing a book, you are giving this site permission to send followup emails including but not limited to,

  1. Any communication related to your purchase, including “abandoned cart” reminders, download links, and product delivery.
  2. Tips for getting started using these resources.
  3. An invitation to leave a product review.
  4. Any free updates to the product.
  5. Announcements of paid upgrades of the product or related other products.


If you do not find the product at all helpful, contact me within 30 days for a refund. I will expect you to delete or destroy all copies of your product. The product files, download links, etc. are not transferrable to anyone else.

Although many people have left reviews stating that my resources have helped them increase certain teaching statistics, I do not advertise or guarantee such results. The content is meant solely to give ideas you can apply in your own way to improve your online teaching work.