Be a stand-out teacher

Easy-to-read ebooks with practical help for online ESL teachers.


Be a stand-out teacher

Easy-to-read ebooks with practical help for online ESL teachers.


If you use templated feedback and by-the-slides teaching, you will fail to impress the Baobaos and their parents.

Why am I not getting reviews from parents?

What do my students really need from me?

Is there a way to be both personal and effective?

Demystify your online gig. Educate yourself and make immediate upgrades to your teaching and feedback!

I am so pleased with Loud and Clear! It was the missing piece to my student feedback.
Kelli G.
Your book is invaluable!! My parent feedback speaks for itself. Parents often comment on their satisfaction with the class and appreciation for my feedback.
Tricia B.
Great book! Ed has so much insight into the Chinese culture. It makes writing feedback much easier.
Kelly B.

Ed Nace has helped thousands of fellow online ESL teachers engage with Chinese culture, write meaningful feedback, and teach for fun and results (even at 4:30 a.m.). His books pull from his years of experience in China teaching students, interacting with parents, and training teachers. In addition, he has translated many thousands of wonky parent feedbacks on his Facebook group -- he knows what parents talk about. He will simplify the landscape for you, empowering you to do a GREAT JOB in this strange, wonderful new intersection of online English teaching and Chinese culture.

Each class presents you with two tasks:


Do you feel captive to the slides, with little room for creative extension? Or are you imparting to each student true language skills and confidence, no matter their level placement?


Are you are wasting too much time giving dry recaps of the slide content? Or are you communicating effectively to the parents in a way that they will love?

When you master these two things,
your business will thrive.

Where do you need a refueling today?


Loud and Clear
Deliver after-class feedback that "wows" & learn Chinese culture along the way.

FEEDBACK BETTERbe "Loud and Clear"


Above and Beyond
Bring value to every class & build true language skills in your students (no matter the lesson).

TEACH BETTERgo "Above and Beyond"
I wish I had read this sooner.
I reference this book constantly.
Autumn G.
I no longer dread writing feedback. Instead I’ve found my voice and I write from the heart.
Heather L. F.