Above and Beyond (ebook)

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You have found the all-new teaching book by Ed Nace:

《Above and Beyond: Bring value to every class & build true language skills in your students (no matter the lesson).》

There are three formats to choose from: PDF, Kindle, and ePub. If in doubt, buy the PDF!

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In the online ESL-teaching gig, there are two main spaces in which we operate: in the classroom and in the feedback box. My first book, Loud and Clear taught you to write high-quality feedback. This all-new book, Above and Beyond, brings the same level of cultural insight and inspiration to the classroom:

✅ What are parents really looking for in class?
✅ What is the actual nature of “extension?”
✅ How does the language-learning process work?
✅ How can I possibly adapt to the student’s needs when I feel so constrained by the slides?
✅ How can I custom-tailor each class without the need for extra props or prep?

Go forth and rock your classroom!