Loud and Clear: Expanded Edition (ebook)

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This is the Expanded Edition to the Loud and Clear ebook:

《Loud and Clear Expanded Edition: Deliver after-class feedback that “wows” & learn Chinese culture along the way.》by Ed Nace

The Expanded Edition is for people who loved the “skinnier” version and want to upgrade it to include all sections:

  • ESL issues (the original section, with even more content than before)
  • Behavioral Problems (subtly addressing the bad)
  • Character Affirmation (praising the good)
  • Classroom Issues (including homework, Unit Assessments, trial classes, parental independence, and IT issues)
  • Other Issues (such as difficult parents, asking for feedback, and saying “no”)
  • Added Appendices (about machine translators, feedback length, and preschoolers)
  • Sample Full Feedbacks with headings

If you’d rather get started with Ed Nace’s original $10 feedback book, click here. Not sure of the difference? FAQ.

There are three formats to choose from: PDF, Kindle, and ePub. If in doubt, buy the PDF!

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This is the Expanded Edition to Loud and Clear, my ebook about leaving class feedback that will leave a great impression on your students. Not sure of the difference between the original version and the expanded? Read this FAQBottom line: the original has 58 pages. The expanded one has 240 pages. The original is a great place to start!

About Loud and Clear: I want this book to empower you to write feedback that parents will want to read. And you’ll pick up some tidbits on Chinese culture along the way.

After covering the principles I use to write useful feedback, I show you samples of how I word feedback in specific situations. I hope that this info will help you find your own unique voice and leave feedback that is useful, realistic, and inspiring. When you deliver an AMAZING experience both in the classroom and in the feedback box, parents tend to reciprocate with rave reviews or re-bookings.